Other Games / Things We Sell

We also sell a game called Carrom. It is like Pool but it has only 4 pockets and is played with fingers only. They call it "Finger-Pool". It is played with an acrylic striker and wooden discs, similar to crokinole pieces in that they are natural and black in color and made of wood. There is also a queen player which must be sunk before the last shot. I personally find Carrom more challenging than Crokinole in that it can be harder to sink a piece in one of the pockets. That being said, the Americans play with Cues to help with that! So we also sell cues on our carrom website. For hand crafted, Canadian made carrom boards, please check out our website today at www.carrom.ca.

The other brand we most recently launched is called Ichthys. It is for Christians seeking to share their faith through clothing and other home goods. We took the Ichthys symbol and placed it on a variety of goods that you might want to check out. Visit Ichthys.ca to see what creative goods there are for you to purchase.

Another project that we have been working on, even before Crokinole Canada got started is selling digital, downloadable vintage newspaper templates. You can see our curated selection of Vintage Newspaper Templates at www.vintagenewspapertemplates.com.


Quick List of Things We Sell: